Nanny and Consulting Services

Nanny Referral Service

The Nanny Referral Service is an alternative child care option for parents who wish to have a caregiver come in to their own home to provide care for their children. A J&F Child Care Consultant assists parents in the process of selecting a nanny.

Parents who choose to employ a nanny may do so for a variety of reasons. For instance, it may actually be more cost effective than centre-based or Home Child Care if they have more than three children. In other cases parents may get together to share a nanny between two or more families. Some families may have special needs such as a frail elderly parent, whose care could be included in the nanny’s responsibilities, while others may simply prefer the convenience of personal attention such an option would afford.


J&F Home Child Care Services has years of consulting experiences in the development and operation of child care and family support services. We work with individuals and business, to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for start-ups and existing businesses.

What We Do

We provide a range of consulting services to individuals, community groups, child care organizations and businesses. These services include:

  • Needs assessment and feasibilities studies
  • Development of business cases and action plans
  • Design and development of child care programs
  • Development of policies and procedures for child care programs
  • Workplace seminars and workshops
  • Customised child care services for corporate events


Fees vary according to project scope. Our rates are competitive; our work is of top value.