Nanny Consulting: Why It’s Imperative You are Able to Communicate Effectively as a Nanny

nanny consulting torontoThe job of the nanny is to provide dependable, top quality, customized care to the children of busy parents. In order to achieve those goals nannies must work closely with parents to determine the child’s emotional, physical, educational and social needs. In order for that close working relationship to develop and flower there must be a solid foundation of two-way communication between the nanny and the parents. In this post staff from J&F Nanny Consulting Toronto provide a few examples of how nannies can cultivate a communicative relationship with parents.

The Indispensable Role of Communication: Nanny Consulting Toronto

Communication is more than just saying “My door is always open”. An ineffectual nanny may always answer your calls but may not have anything of value to discuss when it comes to the progress of your kids. When problems arise in the nanny/parent dynamic it can almost always be laid directly at the feet of poor communication. So here are some tips a nanny will want to keep in mind to help ensure communication with parents is positive, effective and reciprocal.

  • Reach common definitions regarding the word “problem” – Some parents may want to foster a strong sense of independence in their child while the nanny may see an independent streak as being potentially problematic. Coming to a commonly understood definition of what constitutes a problem will help head off future conflicts. Plus, as long as the general parameters are sketched out and understood by both parties there is always room for discussion within a particular area of concern.
  • Always put the interest of the child first – This may seem like a no-brainer but when there are egos involved things can get muddy and the child’s interests can get pushed to the back burner. Don’t blame specific individuals for a child’s problematic behaviour. In order to make positive headway with difficult behaviour it must be recognized that kids are complex amalgams of influence. When parents and nannies work together obstacles can be overcome. When things devolve into fingerpointing it’s the child that inevitably suffers.
  • Your ‘right way’ may not be the ‘right way’ – You may have enjoyed success using a certain approach to a behavioural problem in the past yet find it entirely ineffective with the child currently in your care. In such cases trying to impose the former solution on the current situation is bound to make things worse. Instead, sit down with the parents and devise a mutually acceptable approach based on the child’s inclinations and temperament.
  • Share, share, share and then share some more – If we’ve learned anything from years of nanny consulting in Toronto it’s that there’s no such thing as too much communication as long as that communication is relevant to the well being and progress of the child.

J&F Home Child Care Services draws on our years of practical experience to provide timely, useful nanny consulting in Toronto. Our innovative, affordable consulting services provide real world solutions to some of the most vexing problems facing nannies in an increasingly complex world.