My name is Shahla and I operate a bright, spacious, smoke-free home childcare center in the Bathurst and Centre area. I have experience working with children through my work at a Montessori School and was also a lunch room supervisor. I have also received a Special Language for Daycare Certificate from the TCDSB. I have a BA in Biology and worked as a Biology teacher for 20 years.

My dream has always been to work with children in supporting them reach their full potential. In my home childcare I develop programs which meet each child’s individual needs (crawling, walking, talking, etc), while also encouraging the children to play and share together. My daycare is filled with toys for different ages, organized by activity type such as puzzles, dolls, musical instruments, push-toys, blocks etc. I have a separate reading area full of exciting, educational books and I plan activities appropriate for different ages. My daycare has a separate area for sleeping, so that I can accommodate children on different sleeping schedules.

As important as indoor play is, I also think it is important to take the children outdoors. I am located walking distance from both Oakhurst park (on Beverly Glen Blvd) and Promenade Mall and I also have a large backyard for outdoor play.

It is important for parents and their daycare provider to have open communication in order for your child to get the best care possible.
I look forward to meeting so I can learn all about your child and you can learn about my program that I am very proud of.