J&F Home Day Care Professionalism


Providers are under contract with J & F Home Child Care Services are part of a team of professionals whose goal is to provide the best care possible for the child. The commitment by the provider to the children and his/her parents is essential in providing a secure environment for children to grow and develop.


  • To benefit from our recruitment of families in need of child care through advertising.
  • To be part of a business relationship where the agency contracts with parents for hours and fees and handles the collection and disbursement of monies for regular child care.
  • To take advantage of our comprehensive fee system.
  • To enjoy membership for a minimal fee in an Equipment Lending Program.
  • To have the support of our trained Early Childhood Consultants.
  • To take advantage of our “backup” provider network when you need time off.
  • To benefit from insurance coverage that is designed particularly for child care providers through the Home Child Care Association of Ontario.
  • To have access to arts and craft materials purchased in bulk. Provider may purchase these materials through the agency.
  • To take advantage of workshops, courses and conferences to update your skills.
  • To be part of special group social activities where there is opportunity to share experiences and meet with other providers.