Benefits of Early Daycare Experiences as Proven By Studies

daycare in Richmond HillMuch ink has been spilled about the benefits of early daycare. As most articles on the subject point out ‘studies have shown’ that early daycare can make a real difference in the lives of young people. While few who know anything about early daycare and its beneficial effects would quibble with such claims there are those who ask the question “Which studies are you referring to?” In the hope of clearing up any lingering doubts we’re going to use this post to cite several of those previously mysterious ‘studies’ that have found early daycare to be beneficial.

The Benefits of Early Daycare in Richmond Hill and the Studies to Back it Up

Parents are protective of their kids and want only the best for them so when writers start throwing around claims about the benefits of early daycare in Richmond Hill or elsewhere some parents are naturally sceptical. We understand this and so here is what 3 actual studies have to say about the benefits of early daycare.

  • Study 1: Dr. Arthur Reynolds and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota conducted a 25 year study that followed more than 1,000 participants from their preschool years into young adulthood. Reynolds and his colleagues found that study participants who attended daycare programs eventually found better jobs, suffered less drug and alcohol abuse and had fewer run-ins with the law than kids who didn’t attend daycare. They see a direct correlation between the interpersonal and intellectual foundation built in preschool programs and the children’s later ability to navigate challenging situations.
  • Study 2: The Abecedarian Project was conceived and run by the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute and followed poor children in North Carolina from shortly after birth up through the age of 30. The study divided participants into 2 groups, one which was given high-quality early daycare and preschool and the other which was not. By the age of 30 participants who were provided early daycare were nearly 5 times more likely to earn a college degree than the children who did not receive the early intervention. Incomes were also higher for the daycare group and they were far more likely to have steady employment.
  • Study 3: An ongoing study run by James Griffin of the Institute of Child Health at the US National Institutes of Health has shown that children who received high-quality childcare in their preschool years demonstrated higher cognitive and academic achievement levels as teenagers. The children who received early years daycare were also less likely to act out than children who did not and they also possessed stronger interpersonal skills that serve them well later in life.

As these important studies demonstrate the debate over the value of early daycare is, for all intents and purposes, over. If you’re interested in high quality home daycare in Richmond Hill contact J&F Home Child Care Services. Our experience providing daycare to Richmond Hill families is second to none and can help get your child off on the right foot in life.

Richmond Hill Licensed Home Available

This Weeks Provider Profile  Bathurst and Major Mac

 Daycare Provider – Gul

Gul, trained in First Aid and CPR, has over 20 years of experience working with children as a Early Childhood Educator and a school teacher. Gul is a warm, welcoming and nurturing caregiver whose extensive experience includes over 8 years with Ontario Early Year Centres, facilitating numerous programs, including Family Time, Tot-Stop, Parent-Child Mother Goose, Babies on Play Land, Creative Movement, Story Time, Sing-able Story, Cooking to Learn, Sing & Sign, Stroller in Motion and Infant Action. Gul incorporates these programs, specifically geared toward different aged children into her daily activities. Her spacious home has a dedicated daycare room that offers the children an environment of learning, creativity and fun. The children enjoy a reading area with a large selection of books, dramatic play, house center, musical instruments, parachute play, as well as a large selection of educational toys. The children in Gul’s care enjoy nutritious homemade lunches and snacks, outdoor play twice a day (including trips to the park and picnics), puppet shows, story time, as well as daily music and dance to enhance their creativity and growth. Gul’s goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for each child that will stimulate their cognitive, social and emotional growth at their own pace.

gul3 gul1 gul9 gul10 gul11

Yonge and Weldrick space available in York Region

This Months Provider Profile YONGE AND WELDRICK

Daycare Provider –

Hello. My name is Leila. Having a B.A. in Visual Art and post-grad in animation, I have had the opportunity of teaching art to children of different ages for over 10 years. As a day care provider I believe that our job goes beyond just simply caring for children. My focus is a child’s emotional growth as well as their physical, cognitive and language development. In my opinion art is one of the greatest ways to reach that objective, and allows a child to expand their ability to interact with the world around them, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication..

To reach these objectives, I have designed the main floor of my home especially for children with areas supporting their different needs. My daycare is a place where children benefit from great care, delicious nutritional food, creative and physical activities. The play and learning areas have lots of toys, books, arts and craft materials as well as child size table and chairs. There is a sleeping and eating area. The environment is bright, having large windows with a good view. The backyard is fully fenced and is a safe place for children to play. I have a swing, slide, sand box, toy trucks, tricycle and much more. In addition, I am close to playgrounds, a public library and public school.

I really enjoy working with children and can’t imagine any other job I would rather do.


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