Licensed spaces at Bayview and John

Bayview and John

Priscilla has been a home daycare provider for over 10 years and has personal experience of being a stay at home Mother raising two children of her own who are both now happily married.
Over the years Priscilla has mastered the art of care giving by nurturing children from infancy to school age.  Priscilla takes pride in what she does by teaching her Children life skills learning how to crawl, walk, read, write and care for each other.  Priscilla loves to cook and her home cooked nutritional meals are what keep her kids going all day.
She believes each child should have room to wonder, learn and play. Priscilla encourages daily routine and stimulates all five senses in a Childs development. Her daily activities including reading time, singing and dancing, afternoon quiet time, outdoor walks, playtime with puzzles, games, arts and crafts!
Her training is ongoing as she has been certified in First-Aid & CPR, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory and Science Ideas, Child Abuse Awareness, Fire Prevention, Effective Communication, and Healthy Eating for young children.
Priscilla has experience working with Children of all ages, ethnicities, cultures and developments.  Her love for what she does is proven time and time again, just ask her referrals!

Licenced Daycare Spaces available !!!

Hello my name is Simin.
I am a mother of one child who is 7 and a half years old.
Raising my daughter has made me realize how much I love being with children and how much I enjoy their curiosity and eagerness to learn new skills and explore new ideas.
I believe children who are busy with fun age appropriate activities and that have the chance to explore the world around them in a safe and loving environment will grow to be happy, secure adults able to handle all of life’s ups and downs.
I will plan my daily and weekly activities for all areas of development based on your child’s interests and will encourage your child to expand their sense of self-esteem and self-confidence through easy day to day routines. As an avid reader I hope to spend lots of time exploring books and look forward to exciting times playing out their many adventures.
Both English and Farsi are spoken at home and it would be my pleasure to teach your child a few words of Farsi and even Turkish and I look forward to learning a few new words in your language.
I like to cook well balanced lunches fresh from scratch each day and my snacks are wholesome and healthy following the Canadian Food Guide. I welcome your menu ideas and recipes and will enjoy having your child “help” do some baking.
My condominium complex “Crossroads” is located  in Toronto close to the intersections at Sheppard and 404. Public transportation is very accessible and I am close to both the 404 and the 401/Don Valley Parkway. This is a gated, family oriented complex so traffic is limited to residents which makes it a safer area for children.
There are 3 very nice big parks close to my home, Old Sheppard Park, Muirhead Park and Pleasant View Park which has a splash pad for the children in the summer. Pleasantview Library is right beside the park and community center, as well as I am fairly close to Fairview Library and Mall.
I am looking forward to meeting you and your child.
Immediate and future Toronto and York Region spots below
Under 2 years 
Yonge and Hyway 7-  (November )
Bathurst and Major Mac  (June )
Bathurst and Centre ( July)
Yonge and Finch (Immediate)
Don Mills and Sheppard (Immediate) **profile
Don Mills and Sheppard near Fairview Mall ( Wednesday and Friday only)
Yonge and Major Mac ( Monday and Friday only space)
Bayview and John ( September)
Bayview and Elgin Mils ( Immediate)
Lawrence and Pharmacy ( August)

Finch and Dufferin ( November  )

Yonge and Sheppard ( December )
Yonge and Davisville ( Immediate)
Over 2 years 
Bathurst and Finch
Yonge and Finch
Dufferin and Clark
Victoria Park and Eglinton
Yonge and Davisville
Yonge and Hyway 7

What You Need to Ask a Licensed Home Daycare Provider Before Hiring Them

Interviewing a licensed home daycare provider before you hire them may well be one of the biggest interviews of your life. These people will be responsible for the most important people in your life – your children. For this job, hiring the right person is absolutely critical.

Questions to Ask a Licensed Home Daycare Provider

There are a few obvious questions about licensing and curriculum to ask when you interview daycare providers in the Vaughan, Thornhill and Richmond Hill areas. But if you know some strategies for more probing questions, you will be armed with the best information to make this very important decision. Here are some questions that should not go unanswered.

  1. Can I Stop By One Afternoon During Pick Up Time to Speak with Some Current Clients? The answer to this question can provide you with several pieces of important information. If they say yes, you will be able to get unfiltered information from current references, which is gold when it comes to making your decision. If they say no, you should ask why not. Lack of transparency means there may be something to hide. However, depending on their policies, they may not allow outside parents to visit. If that’s the case, they should be able to show you this in their written At the very least, they should give you references. If something seems suspicious, trust your gut on this one.
  2. What’s a Typical Day? This question will not only help you to understand what your kids will be doing all day, but also if the provider has a plan. A plan shows that they are organized and professional; even better if they can show you a written plan for each day. Lack of a plan is a bit concerning. If they can’t even make a plan for the kids, how do you expect them to handle an emergency? A licensed home daycare provider’s ability to plan can tell you a lot about how they run their operation.
  3. What are the Rules AND the Consequences? These are not only rules for the kids, but also for the parents. A rule is worthless without a consequence for breaking it. Ask what happens if someone breaks a rule and how the daycare enforces it. Decide if these rules and consequences sound reasonable to you. Some licensed home daycares are stricter with rules based on what their clientele have asked for, so it’s also worth asking “why?” if a rule seems unusual.
  4. Can You Tell Me About Yourself and Your Staff? If it’s a larger licensed home daycare, there may be a couple of people working there. You should be able to get a full report on everyone who will be interacting with your children. Ask about background, certifications and daycare experience and decide if these are the kinds of people that you trust to spend several hours a day with your kids.

These four questions will give you a well-rounded picture of the person you may be hiring to spend the days with your kids. Don’t be shy about asking difficult questions, when you drop your kids off on that first day, you’ll be glad that you did.