Application for Parents for Nanny


  1. The AGENCY will advertise and search, refer potential persons to CLIENT for potential employment as a NANNY/CAREGIVER. Cost to get Information is free. Cost to interview is $75.00. Fees are payable to AGENCY before an interview is arranged. * special rate for month of April.
  2. The AGENCY is an independent contractor and is not an agent of employee of, or partner of either CLIENT or NANNY/CAREGIVER. The AGENCY makes no guarantees or promises that a suitable applicant will be matched.
  3. The CLIENT is not permitted to engage the NANNY/CAREGIVER privately until interview fees are paid.
  4. The AGENCY is not required to reimburse CLIENT for any expenses that may be or have been incurred by CLIENT or NANNY/CAREGIVER.
  5. The AGENCY shall not control or supervise the time, method, manner or means of accomplishing the objectives of CLIENT nor the compensation, benefits, duties, hours, or responsibilities of any NANNY/CAREGIVER
  6. NANNIES/CAREGIVERS are paid based on an agreed amount with CLIENT.
  7. CLIENT is expected to pay the NANNY/CAREGIVER directly.
  • Disclaimer and Application Process Agreement:

  • Email

  • Children’s Information

  • (Please list ALL your children, not just the child/children that you need a nanny for.)
  • What training do you require or prefer the nanny to have? Please specify if you require it or prefer it.